lunarware fossilware

—software which has been enjoyed

For those of you good enough to send in your shareware payments on these ancient programs, please don't. I don't intend to upgrade the programs so just hang on to your money, do something nice with it.

There never was a beep-less version of calendar. You can eliminate the beeps yourself with this special sequence on the beep screen.

The latest (final) versions of most of the programs can be obtained here. If its not here I lost it. Sorry. All of these are free for your enjoyment despite what they may say on various about boxes.

logo calendar-2.7.bin 39k A nice program for printing calendars. Not glitzy, but well suited to distributing information.
logo tetris.bin 17k A tiny tetris program.
logo pills.bin 49k A tiny game similar to tetris. The soundtrack is goofed on this one. Will drive musicians insane.
logo wedgoids.bin 29k A tiny game like nothing I know.

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