Sudokunu is a minimalist presentation of the popular number puzzle for you to peacefully solve.

The puzzle is displayed clearly in simple monochrome.

When you deduce a digit you simply touch the cell and it will fill itself in.

You can toggle assistants to highlight the board using common sudoku solving techniques. These are useful for improving your sudoku solving skills and helping you out in a tricky puzzle.

The Controls

The controls are located at the bottom of the screen.

Display this help.
In settings you can change the difficulty of new puzzles and how the puzzles are displayed.
Show Markup
Toggle the markup layer to show you which digits are possible in each cell.
New Game
Start a new game.

The Helper Indicators

The colored circles are the helper indicators. When an indicator is bold it tells you that somewhere on the puzzle, there is a cell which can be filled because of the indicator's strategy. This can help you decide which strategies to employ.

If you press and hold a helper indicator it will highlight the cells on the board which it is thinking of.

FH – Full House
A row, column, or box has 8 of its 9 digits filled in.
NS – Naked Single
A naked single has only one possible choice when you examine its row, column, and box.
HS – Hidden Single
There is a digit for which within a row, column, or box, there is only a single cell which can contain the digit.
NP – Naked Pair
Within a row, column, or box there are a pair of cells which can only contain two numbers.
HP – Hidden Pair
There is a pair of digits which can only appear in two cells within a row, column, or box.
NT – Naked Triple
This is like a naked pair, but with three digits.
HT – Hidden Triple
This is a like a hidden pair, but with three digits.
Lock – Lock Help
Touching the lock will disable the helper indicators. They will display as gray circles. Touching again will turn the helper indicators back on.
If you press and hold a digit on the board, it will show you all the cells covered by that digit and which cells may still contain the digit.